How Does It Work?

From screen recording to finished video, in three simple steps

  1. Record anything

    Record your computer screen, microphone, computer audio and webcam.

  2. Edit like a PRO

    Use the simple design view interface to edit your movie with texts, titles, popups, callouts, shapes, sketches and much more.

  3. Export for ANY device

    Export your screencasts in a multitude of popular video formats to share across any device.

Minimalist, user-friendly interface.

User interface is straightforward. Easily find the tools you need. No complicated or useless features.

Only the tools and effects you need.

You don't need the excessive features of a complex video editor. Back to simplicity - to create screencasts you only need a handful of core features.


Edit and fine-tune with powerful tools

Create professional screencasts and tutorials, with an amazing range of tools and animations.


Import images, audio files, and video files up to 4K resolution.

Crop, Trim, Split and Freeze

Cutting and cropping your recorded or imported video files has never been easier and more intuitive.

Texts, Titles, Popups and Callouts

Explain your demo and guide your viewer through the actions they need to perform.

Magnetic Timeline

Keep track of your movie, change the sequences and timing of scenes and objects, decide when they appear on screen and how long they stay.


Animate your screencast. Add actions to any of your objects and animate your screencast. Move, scale or adjust opacity between two points in time.


add a transition to the start or the end of any video or image on the timeline.

Freehand Annotations

Use the Freehand Annotation tool to draw your own shapes. These may include arrows, lines or any other shape to draw users' attention.


You can group your objects in order to simplify the Storybord. Keep things simple. For example, you can group the introduction and end part of your screencast.


Save groups or objects to your Library to reuse and share them across your screencasts. For example, you can save a group as your introduction and reuse it in your other screencasts.

Narrate the Timeline

While editing your movie use this option to record a narration for your movie during playback.

Green Screen

Integrate your subject into your video. All you need to make a green screen video is a smartphone.

Time Machine

Discover the time machine. Undo and redo anything. Don't be afraid of mistakes!

How can a screen recorder help you?

Create Training videos
Create Training videos

Create tutorials that can easily explain to customers how things work or how to solve complicated problems.

Create Marketing demos
Create Marketing demos

Enhance the advertising of your product, with eye-catching animations you can really make your sales pitch stand out.

Create Educational content
Create Educational content

Create screencasts and allow your students to become more involved by using digital teaching.


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